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        Common Scams

        Double Billing or Services Not Provided – you are billed twice for the same product or service, or you are billed for services never received or health care providers change billing codes or submit fake claims. Check your MSN or EOB.

         Durable Medical Equipment Fraud – companies may offer “free” products or waive required copayments or deductibles in exchange for a Medicare number. Or they may provide a low-cost piece of equipment but bill for higher price equipment. If you need medical equipment such as a wheelchair or brace, contact your doctor first.

         Free Health Screenings – a vendor offers to provide “free” health care screenings, lab tests or other services but asks for your unique ID. Walk away.

        Insurance Bait & Switch or Cross-selling – insurance agents tell you about a Medicare Advantage plan, describing benefits and services that the plan doesn’t really offer, and signs you up for a plan that isn’t right for you. Contact your local PA MEDI counselor (1-800-783-7067) for free and unbiased plan information before you speak with an agent or sign up.

        Medical Identity Theft – this can happen when someone uses a person’s Social Security number or Medicare number, date of birth, credit card number or other personal information. Never share your Social Security number or your unique Medicare ID with callers, or vendors at “free” health care screenings. Shred sensitive information when no longer needed.

        Genetic Testing Scams – Genetic testing scams are rampant now, both in PA and throughout the country. Beneficiaries are being solicited in-person at health and senior fairs, in public venues, and through phone calls, email and online ads.  Avoid unsolicited genetic testing offers from any company you see in person, or who calls on the phone or emails you. Do not submit to cheek swabs or give out any personal information to these vendors.

        New Medicare Card Scams – Offers of new Medicare cards, cards with chips, or laminated cards are a common scam seen throughout the country.  Medicare is not offering updated cards and will never call you. 

        Disclosure Form 990

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