Public Policy


CARIE’s model of advocacy is a “circle of advocacy” – we move from case to cause.  CARIE’s work with individuals through the CARIE LINE, Ombudsman, and other programs makes us aware of changes needed within the long term care system.  Systemic advocacy occurs at CARIE in two ways, through educational efforts and the influencing of public policy.  Any improvement to the system results in helping all individuals impacted by a particular problem, hence the circle.

Education is a powerful tool. Educating people who are uninformed or misinformed can have a profound effect upon people’s lives.  Competence with Compassion™, CARIE’s award-winning training programs for long-term care staff is just one example of how CARIE is trying to improve the system through education.  Mounting and participating in advocacy efforts directed at government and elected officials are another way to effect change.

The purpose of CARIE’s Public Policy section of our website is to help keep interested advocates informed of various policy developments at the local, state and national levels.  Advocacy alerts will be posted and sent to individuals willing to take action on issues impacting older adults.  Please click on Email Sign-Up to receive public policy information.  (To review archive editions of CARIE Connection policy updates, please visit the CARIE Connection section of CARIE’s website.)  CARIE also coordinates monthly meetings of the Dorothy S. Washburn Legislative Committee, meeting in CARIE’s offices on the first Thursday of the month from 10:00 to 11:30, and invites all interested advocates to join our efforts.