CARIE’s Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

To promote the well-being, rights, and autonomy of older adults through advocacy, education, and action.


As a leading advocate in aging, CARIE’s work advances the health, safety, and dignity of older adults from all socioeconomic, racial, and cultural backgrounds.


CARIE’s Board and Staff are committed to upholding the following values:

To act with INTEGRITY

To work for social JUSTICE

To advocate for the EMPOWERMENT of the individual


To treat all individuals with RESPECT, COMPASSION, AND DIGNITY

“I have recently spoken with people at similar agencies, NO ONE has been so prompt in returning my calls, as insightful about the issues, and as clear in making recommendations. I only wish I had known about CARIE months ago. Much time and anguish would have been prevented.”

Our aim is to continue to make sure that people know they can call us for help and avoid the anguish Mrs. Brown felt.

As we look to the future, there are many challenges. The safety net for older adults—one with flaws—is facing imminent threats. Our nation’s expenditures on Medicare and Medicaid (essential programs for the elderly) are “over the top.” We have recently heard that Social Security must change—a potential threat to generations ahead. As we see changes to respond to these problems—the system becomes even more difficult to understand. CARIE is there for older adults to help them understand and navigate this ever more difficult system of services, and to help make a system that is more responsive to the needs of those who use it.

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