Help for Victims

Help for Victims of Crime and Abuse

PAVE (Providing Advocacy for Victimized Elderly) is a victim assistance program through CARIE LINE that provides services to older adults over 60 in Philadelphia. PAVE works closely with other CARIE programs to make sure that all of the victim’s needs are met. The PAVE staff assists the victim with whatever needs exist; those that are related to the crime as well as any other identified needs.

A free service, the PAVE program provides:

  • Court accompaniment to the Criminal Justice Center (CJC)
  • Facilitation of transportation to court
  • Assistance with filing Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC)
  • Information about the Criminal justice system
  • Assistance with connection to benefits and services
  • Community education and presentations
  • Assistance with preparing Victim Impact Statements (VIS)
  • Restitution assistance

If you need help regarding any of the above services please contact the program at 215-545-5728.

For information about your rights as a crime victim in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) has created the PA Crime Victims Website.

Competence with Compassion: An Abuse Prevention Training Program for Long Term Care Staff

Abuse prevention is a primary concern of everyone who is interested in providing compassionate, high quality care to those who require ongoing assistance. Developing an abuse prevention strategy is a challenging prospect that requires a multi-faceted approach, with support from all levels of resident care staff and facility administration. Competence with Compassion: An Abuse Prevention Training Program for Long Term Care Staff is one aspect of developing an abuse prevention program. The curriculum is designed to be dynamic and practical, engaging staff at all levels to approach abuse prevention with sensitivity and insight.

For more information, contact Michele Mathes, Development Director, at [email protected]