CARIE’s most successful and widely used service is the CARIE LINE. The CARIE LINE is a free telephone and online, one-on-one service that assists older adults and their caregivers identify and access needed services and supports. CARIE LINE Advocates offer options counseling, information, advocacy and education to help elders and caregivers identify and access resources on any issue an elder may be facing, including health insurance coverage, housing, health resources, nutritional support, long term care services, housing, transportation, abuse and neglect, financial exploitation and many more. Requests for help come from older adults, their families and neighbors, as well as from social workers and other community service professionals who depend upon the CARIE LINE for a prompt, caring, and reliable response.

In keeping with CARIE’s mission to promote the autonomy of older adults, Advocates first seek to empower older persons to address concerns on their own by providing essential information and education. CARIE LINE Advocates may make referrals to available community resources, assist in problem solving, and help navigate complex aging and health services programs. When barriers to navigating the service system are encountered, CARIE LINE staff will advocate directly on behalf of the older person.

The CARIE LINE provides special assistance to victims of crime and elder abuse through its Providing Advocacy for Victimized Elders (PAVE) program. Victim Advocates accompany elder crime victims through the criminal justice process and help them apply for victim compensation. In addition, the CARIE LINE also coordinates an Elderly Victims Emergency Security Fund (EVESF) which re-secures homes and prevents further victimization of low-income older Philadelphians by replacing or repairing door and window locks, replacing doors and windows or installing security bars on windows.

CARIE LINE Advocates also offer education and outreach programs for older adults and other community members on a broad array of issues affecting older adults and how CARIE can help.

To contact the CARIE LINE about any issue affecting an older adult, call 215-545-5728 or 1-800-356-3606, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. CARIE OnLINE makes CARIE LINE services available through the internet. Anyone with a question or concern simply needs to click on the “Get Help” page to submit a question or request.

CARIE’s Partnership in Pursuing Justice for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren in Pennsylvania

CARIE is an older adult advocacy organization committed to the promotion of the well-being, rights, and autonomy of older adults through advocacy, education, and action. Our direct services and systemic advocacy help ensure that older adults have the information, resources, and support they need to live dignified lives. As a partner in the Pursuing Justice for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren in Pennsylvania project, we know that a grandparent may be reaching out to us for a number of reasons: help navigating increasingly complex aging systems, support as a victim of crime, resources to address basic needs for themselves and their families, preparing for the future, preserving one’s rights, and more. Knowing where to turn for help for complex problems can be an onerous burden. CARIE and its advocates take the time to patiently understand the needs of GRGs and help them connect them with whatever information or resources they need to accomplish their goals and to live well. If we cannot directly address a GRG’s issue or concern, we will connect them with someone who will.

Like our fellow partners, CARIE uses its platforms to remind GRGs: help is available. We look forward to continuing our work and to join the collective efforts of other stakeholders to substantively improve the lives of GRGs in PA.