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The strength and continuity of CARIE’s staff is a vital internal resource adding to the organization’s success. CARIE’s dedicated and hard working staff demonstrates sincerity and professionalism. CARIE has a dedicated Board of Directors representative of professionals and consumers who help to guide its work.

CARIE has numerous volunteers who assist in helping to achieve its mission—many are older adults themselves who put in countless hours helping long-term care residents with complaints, giving informational presentations, and providing professional services. Additionally, collaboration with aging and other service providers, academicians, and policy makers provides a wide network of support for CARIE’s clients and their caregivers as well as an extensive resource base for staff.

To reach a member of CARIE’s staff, call (215) 545-5728.

Annie Coleman

Administrative Assistant

Alex Brendanawicz

(they, them)

Long Term Care Ombudsman (Philadelphia)

Anthony Thornton

(he, him)

Long Term Care Ombudsman (Montgomery County)

Ariel Rabinovic

(he, him)

PA-SMP Advocate

Charles Ries

PAVE Victim Advocate

Christopher Templeton

(he, him)

Finance Manager

Conor Flanagan

(he, him)

Community Relations Coordinator, PA-SMP Medicare Fraud Division

Daniel Milloy

Outreach and Engagement Manager, PA-SMP

David Johnson

(he, him)

Supervisor, CARIE LINE

Dina El-Naccache

Victim Advocate, PAVE

Evelyn Krantz

Outreach Specialist/Volunteer Coordinator, PA-SMP

Glenn Jackamonis

(he, him)

Long Term Care Ombudsman (Montgomery County)

Helena Tarker Gallant

(she, her)

Advocate, CARIE LINE

Hunter Citrin


Jessica Hartfield

Supervisor, Long Term Care Ombudsman (LTC) Program (Philadelphia)

John Goldbloom

(he, him)

Long Term Care Ombudsman (Montgomery County)

Kathy Cubit

Policy Manager

Kelsey Aaron

(she, her)

Director of Development/Director of Human Resources

Kiara Marable

(she, her)

Director of Marketing and Communications

Lori Walsh

(she, her)

Program Director, Long Term Care Ombudsman and PAVE

Mariel Lorenz

Supervisor, PAVE

Marissa Williams

(she, her)

CARIE LINE Advocate & PA MEDI Local Coordinator

Michele Mathes

Director of Development, Grants

Millie Ofray

Long Term Care Ombudsman Program (Montgomery County)

Molly Hunt

(she, her)

Counselor and Advocate, PAVE

Nequava Matthews

(she, her)

Long Term Care Ombudsman

Rebecca Nurick

(she, her)

Program Director, PA-SMP and CARIE LINE

Sheri Manis

Administrative Assistant

Tamara Baldwin

(she, her)

Community Partnerships Analyst

Whitney Lingle     

(she, they)

Executive Director

William McNeill

Victim Advocate, PAVE

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