Volunteering is one of the best ways to contribute to the overall well-being of older adults. You have the chance to learn new skills, make frie152nds, and, most importantly, to share your experience and your willingness to help with those who need it the most.

Volunteering is open to any individual or group who is willing to get involved to help CARIE improve the quality of life for vulnerable older adults.  For more information or to get involved contact CARIE at 215-545-5728 or 1-800-356-3606

About volunteering with CARIE

Many people who are eager to volunteer have similar questions about what it will involve. We have a question and answer section below.


CARIE has a variety of opportunities to volunteer. Here are a few:
* PAVE Volunteer: accompany a crime victim to court
* Ombudsman Volunteer: help long-term care residents with complaints
* Senior Medicare Patrol Volunteer: prevent Medicare fraud in your community by educating and empowering seniors
• Volunteer with the Pennsylvania APPRISE Program: provide help with Medicare plan comparisons and enrollment or outreach
* Decision-making: serve on a Legislative Committee and/or the Board
* Student Internships: college students support CARIE’s advocacy efforts while meeting educational requirements
* Administrative Assistance: help around the office, answer phones, mailings, etc.
* Special Events: assist with planning and helping at events like Golden Games
* Professional Services: provide accounting, public relations/communications, legal support, etc.

To volunteer all you need is some free time and a willingness to help. Our experience has been the vast majority of people who are drawn to volunteering enjoy it immensely. The best part is, we can easily work around your schedule and your preferences to ensure you are involved with something you will enjoy.

Without volunteers, CARIE simply could not exist. From community leaders who serve on our board to the many men and women who educate their peers, work with victims of crime, and assist nursing home residents, volunteering makes the difference between hopelessness and hope.

You will never be asked to do something you don’t want to do. With so many areas where concerned, intelligent volunteers are needed, there are always ample opportunities to connect you with something that suits your particular tastes and skill

Our trained staff will assist you in making your decision about volunteering. Many of our programs require formal training to participate. Staff is available as you begin your volunteering to provide support and assistance in your work. You’ll never be totally on your own!

The time commitment varies according to the volunteer position you choose. Volunteers work anywhere from 4 hours per month to 10 hours a week or more.

Call CARIE at 215-545-5728 or 1-800-356-8606 or submit a Contact inquiry.