LTC Ombudsman Program

Help in Long Term Care

A Long Term Care Ombudsman is someone who advocates on behalf of people who reside in long term care facilities. In Pennsylvania, these include nursing homes, personal care homes domiciliary care homes, and adult day centers. The ombudsman educates people about resident rights and the long-term care system. The ombudsman also investigates and attempts to resolve complaints on behalf of people who receive services from long term care facilities. Each year CARIE  sponsors an event called Golden Games, a competition among nursing home residents.

The Long Term Care Ombudsman:

  • Advocates on behalf of consumers for enhanced quality of life and care relating to personal care and nursing care, environment, food and activities.
  • Educates consumers about their rights pertaining to: admissions, transfer and discharge, personal funds, physician services, nursing and personal care.
  • Answers questions about long term care services and programs including Medical Assistance and Medicare benefits.
  • Protects the identity of complainants upon request and respects confidentiality.

CARIE provides ombudsman services through the Philadelphia Long Term Care Ombudsman Program funded by Philadelphia Corporation for Aging and the Pennsylvania Department of Aging. There are two ombudsman programs in Philadelphia.

CARIE’s Ombudsman Program serves consumers in long-term care located in Center City, South Philadelphia, Southwest Philadelphia, North Philadelphia and West Philadelphia.

To contact an ombudsman at CARIE call 215-545-5724 or 1-800-356-3606 or contact us online.

Center in the Park’s Ombudsman Program serves consumers in long-term care located in Northeast and Northwest Philadelphia.

To contact an ombudsman at Center in the Park call 215-844-1829.

If you reside in another part of Pennsylvania, the Department of Aging administers the Ombudsman Program statewide for consumers 60 years of age or older through contracts with each of the 52 Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) in Pennsylvania.  In fact, since the Ombudsman Program is mandated by the Older Americans Act, there is an ombudsman in every part of the country.  To find an ombudsman in your area, please call the CARIE LINE at 215-545-5728 or 1-800-356-3606.  You may also submit an inquiry online via the “Get Help” link.

Interested in becoming a Volunteer Ombudsman? Please see the volunteer description for more information.