Welcome to CARIE

A Message from the Executive Director

I am so excited to be a new addition to the CARIE team. Over 20 years of volunteer and professional experience in human services, I have developed a passion for advocacy and am thrilled to have this opportunity with an organization comprised of such talented individuals focused on advocating for older adults. I have worked in senior services for the past 9 years, and I love working to help this dynamic, diverse population.

If we are lucky, aging affects all of us. Because of that, our work is inherently intersectional and must be approached with a nuanced lens. As Baby Boomers and Generation X become elders, our services will adapt to their unique needs and communication styles.

The pandemic has shown us how much of our work can be completed from remote locations but has also made time in the office with colleagues and clients more special. Over these coming years I expect the CARIE team to continue using a hybrid approach to deliver services of the highest quality.

Over the next few months, I will build relationships with staff, volunteers, Board members, and our community partners and funders. As with any nonprofit organization, there are challenges to raise funds and awareness. Fortunately, CARIE has an excellent reputation as a leader in advocacy for elders and continues to make new connections regularly. I look forward to using my social science experience to provide data that accurately quantifies the impact we make to hundreds of people every day.

Diane Menio leaves behind an incredible legacy of service and leadership. Building off her excellent foundation will ensure health and success for the organization for years to come. I am honored to get to work with her as she ends her years of service and look forward to this next chapter.

Best regards,


  • Diane A. Menio | Executive Director