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CARIE mission is to promote the well-being, rights and autonomy of older adults through advocacy, education, and action.

We do this through a “case to cause” model of advocacy that serves to promote equal access to justice and addresses problems and issues on both the individual and the systemic levels. Because frail older adults often lack the ability to advocate on their own behalf without assistance, CARIE provides individual advocacy through direct service and systemic advocacy through education and public policy initiatives.

We are different from other agencies—we don’t provide traditional services (home care, meals, transportation, etc.), our service is advocacy for people to get those services and advocate for dignity and quality care for older people. We work to make sure that everyone finds resolution to their problem or concern.

  • Diane Menio | Executive Director

Advocating for the Elderly

May 26, 2016


The number of older adults in the United States is projected to double by the year 2060. Many elders will need services and supports to live with the greatest dignity, independence and quality of life possible. For almost 40 years, CARIE has been an advocate and a source of information and guidance for older adults and their caregivers, helping them navigate the complex health and aging systems.

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