PA's MLTSS Proposal Webinar

CARIE held its first webinar, Pennsylvania’s MLTSS Proposal: Key Considerations for Advocates, on June 30, 2015.  Click here for all of the webinar slides.  (Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties.  The webinar recording started a bit late and it took a few minutes to mute the background noise.) Governor Wolf proposed a major change in the delivery of long term care in Pennsylvania. In short, he is proposing to eliminate most of the current Waiver system, including Aging Waivers, and replace it with a Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) system. CARIE’s webinar featured Eric Carlson, Directing Attorney for Justice in Aging, who discussed key MLTSS issues of importance to consumers and provided guidance to PA advocates to help in preparing comments by the July 15th deadline.  Eric reviewed Justice in Aging’s MLTSS toolkit and Advocate’s Library of Managed Long-Term Services and Supports Contract Provisions, “resources that can help advocates ensure that states and plans get the details right.” PA’s discussion document and other information is available on DHS’ website. The proposed plan is on a fast track so it’s vital that advocates provide input to DHS about the proposal and timetable for implementation.

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