NFL lockout affects former player with dementia!

I recently read an article in the New York Times about Bruce Schwager, a former professional football player who suffers from dementia but must now leave his dementia care facility, due to the National Football League’s lockout (  The article touched on the fears of Schwager’s wife, son and doctors who are concerned the change of scenery will impact his health and memory. 
The article is very compelling given the current struggle with proposed cuts to social service programs on the state and federal levels.  It made me think about the need to increase services for people with dementia. People who do not have anyone to care, or speak for them if they have to leave their home or care center will be especially hurt by funding issues. 
As a football fan, I hope the lockout ends soon so the season can start on time.  However, as an advocate for older adults, I hope the lockout ends so people like Bruce Schwager and his family can again receive their labor benefits.  Similarly, I hope our elected officials consider individuals like Bruce Schwager and all the others whose lives are affected by these decisions as they negotiate funding for programs like Medicare and Medicaid.
By David Rosenberg, CARIE LINE Manager at CARIE. Visit or contact CARIE at 1-800-356-3606.  
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