Giuseppe and Catrina's Story

I’d like to talk to you about Giuseppe and Catrina, a hard-working, loving couple who came to America over 30 years ago. Through hard work they built a life for themselves and raised their family, they’ll likely remind you of someone you know, either a relative, a friend, or maybe yourself. Giuseppe and Catrina have health care coverage but still have a hard time making it through the month on their limited income due to costs from an unexpected illness. Their story resonates with so many and demonstrates the need to highlight a situation in which too many older adults find themselves.

This story is part of CARIE’s work for the National Council on Aging’s (NCOA) One Away campaign.  Videos from NCOA and their local advocacy partners across the country show the real stories of older adults, like Giuseppe and Catrina, who are among the 13 million seniors who live one medical crisis or one lost job away from economic collapse.

Please watch Giuseppe and Catrina’s story on You Tube. We hope their story will inspire you to join CARIE in asking legislators to reauthorize the Older Americans Act and ensure those like Giuseppe and Catrina may lead a dignified life. 

If you are an older adult and you are having a problem call CARIE at 1-800-356-3606 or By Lori Walsh CARIE staff.

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