What is the biggest challenge facing older adults today?

As part of our One Away Campaign we interviewed a woman who is employed as an administrator in a Philadelphia medical office. We were informed that in November of 2010 there was a change made to the local Medicare Advantage Plans, which has placed more of a financial burden on her elderly patients. Most of the administrator’s patients could not absorb the additional cost (ranging from $200-500 a month!), but still required the medication. As a result, the medical office provided additional consultations to each patient to ensure that they received the necessary care. With her experience, we felt the administrator would have a solid understanding of the many issues affecting the economic security of older adults.
When we asked the administrator what she believed to be the biggest challenge facing older adults today, she said:
“I think security. You know, it’s a challenge to live a long time. Many people thought that financially they would be all right. But we see people who are outliving their finances and things are expensive, medications are expensive. You are one step away from what could be a financial crisis. You have no idea what the future may hold for you”.
We encourage you to lend us your story, as we continue our campaign to establish a unified voice for the more than 13 million seniors who are battling economic insecurity.
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