Support CARIE's #GivingTuesday PHL – Help Us Keep Seniors Safe! Campaign

Please visit CARIE’s #GivingTuesday PHL – Help Us Keep Seniors Safe! Campaign to view CARIE’s month-long “GivingTuesday” campaign. The campaign will raise funds for CARIE’s Elderly Victims Emergency Security Fund (EVESF) and kick off our year-end giving appeals. CARIE supporters are urged to visit the campaign on Tuesday December 3, when funds raised will be eligible for a match, and throughout the month of December. Donations are tax-deductible, and donors are eligible to receive a number of “perks.” Please share our campaign with others by email or Face Book, and make a contribution! GivingTuesday is a national campaign that follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday – when we spend money on gifts for our family and friends – with a day for giving to others by supporting the charitable work of nonprofits. CARIE’s #GivingTuesdayPHL Help Us Keep Seniors Safe” Campaign seeks to raise $5,000 for CARIE’s Elderly Victims Emergency Security Fund, which repairs or replaces locks, windows and doors that have been damaged during crimes against the elderly and replaces locks for elderly victims of family violence who have received a “Protection from Abuse” order.

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Your support helps us make a bigger difference in people's lives. Every donation you make is a gift of a better life for elders.