Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

Medicare now offers prescription drug coverage. Pennsylvanians may choose from numerous plans offering a broad range of coverage options. It is not required that you sign up for a plan, but you may pay a penalty later if you change your mind.

These plans are not offering discount cards-they are offering insurance coverage for medications. Most plans have a premium (average about $33/month in 2006). Some plans may require a $250 deductible, cost-sharing, and co-pays for medications. Some plans may limit which pharmacies you may use. Older adults with low income may be eligible to receive assistance in paying premiums and lower co-payment costs for their prescriptions.

The benefit began on January 1, 2006. Since that time, some older adults have experienced problems getting their prescriptions. If you, or someone you know, are having problems getting prescriptions or need help selecting a Part D plan, please contact CARIE LINE or click on “Get Help.”

Pennsylvania Prescription Price Finder

In March 2009, Governor Rendell launched the Pennsylvania Prescription Price Finder (PA Rx Price Finder) as part of his “Prescription for Pennsylvania” health care reform plan. The PA Rx Price Finder helps compare prices of many medications at different local pharmacies throughout Pennsylvania. This online service is free, easy to use, and confidential.  Since prices can vary widely, it can help you save money by identifying the pharmacies that supplies your prescriptions at the most affordable cost.  Before you begin, be sure to have a list of your drugs, the dosage and the strength as well as the zip code or town. Once you type in your information, the site will show the price that each pharmacy in the specified region charges for each prescription entered.

Click here to use the PA Rx Price Finder

Lower Your Prescription Drug Costs and Learn about Benefits

People with Medicare – especially those with lower incomes – can find out online how to reduce their prescription drug costs.  CARIE is a member of the non-profit Access to Benefits Coalition to help older adults find ways to save money on their medications as well as what benfits they may be eligible to receive.  This online service is fast, free and confidential.  If you need more assistance, please contact a CARIE LINE counselor at (215) 545-5728.

Click here to begin saving.

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