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Elder Abuse

 Reports of elder abuse and neglect have risen dramatically over the past ten years.  Although this may be due partially to increased awareness of the problem and the need to report, the increase may also be due to a rise in family tension, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, and decreases in available community services.  The most prevalent types of elder abuse are caregiver neglect and self neglect, with physical abuse and financial exploitation also accounting for a significant portion of cases.

Elder abuse and neglect are prevalent in our society, and yet it is estimated that only one in fourteen cases of elder abuse are reported to authorities.  Therefore, it is very important that people of all ages be aware of what elder abuse is, how to spot it, and where to get help for an elderly person in need.  This following resources help explain what elder abuse is, the signs and symptoms, how to cope with emotions, where to get help, how to decide what help is appropriate, and how to take precautions against abuse, neglect and exploitation.

If you have any questions about elder abuse, please call CARIE at (215) 545-5728.  An advocate is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. to discuss cases of elder abuse.  All calls are kept confidential.

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