Golden Games News

CARIE’s 26th annual “Golden Games” was held on September 9, 2014 at Carousel House in Philadelphia. Golden Games brings together elderly residents of nursing homes and LIFE programs from across Philadelphia for a day of spirited rivalry and lots of fun. Fifteen teams competed in several competitive events.  Congratulations to Philadelphia Nursing Home – Fairmount Long Term Care, this year’s first place winner, Bala Nursing Home who came in second place, and all the other great competitors. CARIE wishes to thank the following sponsors of this year’s Golden Games: PCA, AARP of Pennsylvania, Eugene Bissell, Terri Clark, Cathy Cristofalo, Margaret Cristofalo, Joan Davitt, Mary Fallon, Mark Garvin, Jacqueline Jefferson, Randall Jefferson, Robert Marino, Wendy Marino, Alison Marx, Michelle Sahl, and Randi Siegal. CARIE also wants to thank our amazing volunteers – UGI/Amerigas, Center in the Park, as well as CARIE staff, Board and friends for volunteering!
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