Feeding the Soul of Elders

Warm the heart of an older adult neighbor this holiday season! During the cold and drab winter months, you can help put a smile on a senior’s face by providing a little bit of friendship and a quick lending of your hand.  There are many seniors who live alone, are very isolated and go without the warmth and happiness that the holiday season brings.  Each of us who extends ourselves to a senior can make the difference between a bleak and hungry winter to one of hope and contentment. How can you help?  Making a difference to your older adult neighbors is as simple as knocking on your neighbor’s door during those days of especially harsh weather, offering to bring over some easy-to-heat-up foods for those who may be a little hungry or any needed supplies that may be difficult for your favorite senior to live without.  Please take a little time this winter to feed a senior’s soul.  A bit of your companionship, friendship, and perhaps some flowers and good food will definitely make a difference in the heart of your senior neighbor! To learn about more ways to help relieve the isolation and loneliness of elders, go to Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly.  Their motto is – “flowers before bread – which expresses the belief that friendship and social support are as important as the provision of food, clothing, and shelter.”  They have locations throughout the nation, including Philadelphia, and world.  Remember you can also always call CARIE at 215-545-5728 or 1-800-356-3606! Written by Alicia Sellon, MSW CARIE intern

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