Diabetic Supplies Phone Scam Alert!!!!

 Pennsylvania’s Senior Medicare Patrol Project at CARIE has received word that companies identifying themselves as “Diabetic Supplies through Medicare,” the “National Diabetes Association” or “The Senior Diabetic Network” are calling consumers, attempting to get their Medicare numbers and other identifying information. 
The consumers were told that their diabetic supplies could be updated or provided at no cost to them, all they needed to do was verify their information and provide their Medicare number.  None of these consumers have a prescription for or need diabetic supplies.  The company offering the supplies refused to give the consumers a phone number where they could be reached. 
It is important to remember that Medicare NEVER goes door-to-door or calls beneficiaries to sell a product or solicit information. 
All beneficiaries should protect their Medicare number the same way they would a credit card number and never give out identifying information to someone who calls them on the phone. 
If you get a phone call such as this one or would like to report a scam, call the Senior Medicare Patrol at CARIE at 1-800-356-3606.  A real person will answer your call, no buttons to push or menus to follow. 
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