CARIE Launches Caregiver GPS!

CARIE has launched CaregiverGPS – The Elder’s Advocate, a web-based resource to help caregivers make decisions about elder care.  The website offers several interactive tools to help provide a customized experience for individuals facing a critical transition point in the care of a loved one.  The purpose of CaregiverGPS – The Elder’s Advocate is to offer unbiased counsel based on a caregiver’s unique situation.  It does so by gathering information through an on-site review of the individual’s situation.  Users respond to statements about such things as the level of safety in the loved one’s home, opportunities for social contacts, healthcare and personal care needs, financial resources and existing support system.  CaregiverGPS – The Elder’s Advocate then offers an analysis that takes the user’s responses into account and helps users think about options that may be a good fit for their loved one.  Click here for our press release.

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