Favor a Return


Something dropped

Before I can whip out my grabber

A sympathetic backside I see

Picking up something dropped

Kind eyes wanting me to realize

How happy am I that they happened along

I am grateful don’t get me wrong

I say thank you

Cause it looks to me like you need to hear it

Have I become your good deed for the day?

Dropping has become

A part of my life now

Retrieval is an art


Will I ever pick up things for you?

Open a door

Lead you across the street

Say ‘you’re welcome’,

Instead of ‘thank you’

All the time?


I would want to return a favor

Instead of receiving

Let me favor a return.

My choice

What about ‘you’re welcome’

If I cheer you up

Fuss you out for being stupid

Tell you your wife is cheating

Compliment you


Don’t stop helping me

I need you as much as you need me

But please understand

When I have to be fed by

Pulled up in my chair by

Dressed every morning by

Put to bed at night by

Have my bottom changed by


All these things are normal for