CARIE welcomes volunteers of all ages – and especially older adults – in a number of programs, most particularly our Philadelphia Long Term Care Ombudsman program and our PA-SMP health care fraud program. Check out our program descriptions and visit our volunteer page if you are interested in volunteering for call CARIE and you will be connected to the appropriate CARIE staff.

CARIE’s mission is to improve the well-being, rights and autonomy of older adults through advocacy, education and action. We carry out our mission through our unique “case to cause” model of advocacy. Knowledge about barriers and gaps in services and supports for older adults gained from our direct service individual advocacy in behalf of older adults informs our systemic advocacy to improve the lives of all older adults.

CARIE provides advocacy, options counseling, education, information, and guidance on any issue affecting older adults. Whatever barrier or challenge an elder or caregiver may be encountering, whatever question about services and supports for older adults you may have, CARIE is here to assist you and to make sure you can identify and access the resources you need to address your problem. No problem is outside of our concern or beyond our effort to help.

CARIE is a local organization with a national reach. The geographic area that CARIE serves can depend on the program. CARE LINE Advocates are able to help elders and caregivers wherever they live. They help to address issues and challenges related to aging with information, guidance and referrals. CARIE’s Long Term Care Ombudsman program provides advocacy and information and helps resolve complaints for elders in long term care settings (nursing homes, assisted living, personal care homes, adult day programs, etc.) in Philadelphia. Our PA-SMP (Pennsylvania Senior Medicare Patrol) is a federally-funded statewide peer-education program to prevent health care fraud. However, the truth is that wherever you may live, CARIE staff are able to either help you directly or guide you in the right direction.

You can contact CARIE by telephone (800-356-3606; 215-545-5728) or online via our website. If you call during regular business hours (9 AM – 5PM, Monday – Friday), your call will be answered by a live person (not a series of digital prompts!) and you will be transferred to the appropriate CARIE staff who can best help you. You can send us a message online anytime. CARIE staff will initially respond to your message by email or telephone.