We at CARIE, along with our nation and the world, watched with horror last Wednesday as rioters attacked our democracy, undermining the electoral process at its heart.  As the afternoon unfolded, we witnessed the disparity between the response of law enforcement to the mob attacking the Capitol seeking to disenfranchise Black and Brown voters and the response to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations of the past year. It is impossible not to recognize the systemic racism in this disparity.

Our country must address the existing fissures in our social fabric. This repair requires a shared commitment to advancing social justice and racial equity within our society. CARIE remains strongly committed to joining with aligned organizations and individuals to further this critical work along with continuing our advocacy for the dignity, empowerment, and well-being of older adults from all socioeconomic, racial, and cultural backgrounds.

We hope that you are able to remain safe and well during the difficult days ahead. Please get in touch with us if we can help any elder you know.