45 years! The world has changed greatly since 1977 and while CARIE has grown and changed as well, our mission to promote the well-being and rights of older adults remains our north star.
We began in a single room office, as a project of the Public Interest Law Center, staffed by Vista volunteers. Originally created purely as an advocacy organization, as soon as our name was listed in the blue pages of the telephone book (who remembers the blue pages, or even telephone books!) individual elders and their family members began calling for help with particular challenges they were facing.  Over the four and a half decades since then, CARIE has developed a reputation both regionally and nationally as a key source of assistance and a leading advocate for the dignity and quality of life of all older adults.
During the past forty-five years our work has grown to encompass a broad array of programs and services. CARIE staff now annually assist thousands of elders meet needs for health care, health care coverage, transportation, long term care, food security, economic security, access to justice and much more. We advocate for elders’ rights, for equitable access to services and supports, and for policies and programs that most effectively address the concerns of all older adults.
This year, as we celebrate our past, we stand committed to the vital work that remains to be done to ensure that every elder can live with the greatest well-being and independence possible and to ensuring equity and justice for all of Pennsylvania’s elders.
We would love to have you help us celebrate CARIE’s milestone by joining us at Be the Voice! An Evening for Elder Advocacy on May 25th. And please consider becoming a sponsor of the event and browsing our exciting online auction items as they’re posted! Details about the evening and more is available on our event website .